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Smoke Detectors

Smoke Detectors Save Livesfirefighter tyler christianson holding a smoke detector

Properly working smoke detectors save lives!  Do you know an elderly or disadvantaged person who needs a smoke detector? Let us know and we will provide and install a smoke detector for them.

Carbon monoxide (CO) detectors also save lives and can prevent serious illness.  CO alarms should be placed in a central location outside of sleeping areas and on all levels of a home.

For questions about Smoke or CO detectors/alarms contact:

Oregon law requires ionization-only smoke alarms that are solely battery powered to come equipped with a 10-year battery and a hush feature. Some alarms with 10-year batteries are also made to be tamper proof. Because of these requirements the historical national slogan “Change your clock, change your battery,” may not apply to many Oregon households who have alarms with 10-year batteries.

The Oregon State Fire Marshal (OSFM) encourages Oregon residents to replace any smoke alarm that is 10 years old or older because the sensing devices deteriorate over time.
• Test smoke alarms before automatically changing the battery.

• Follow manufacturer instructions when testing and maintaining alarms.

• Replace all smoke alarms 10 years old or older.

 Visit the OSFM Fire and Life Safety Education program webpage to view, order, or download fire safety materials.

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