Burn Regulations

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Hermiston Fire and Emergency Services Burn Policy does not apply to: Barbecue type equipment Recreational burning, cooking fires no larger than 3′ x 3′ Ceremonial Fires (Special Permit Needed) Agricultural burns – field burning less than 2 acres and ditch burning for removal of weeds. (Must follow Umatilla County agriculture burn rules) Open burning of …

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When is Burning Season?

NO BURNING ALLOWED JUNE 1ST TO SEPTEMBER 30TH Open burning period is: October 1 to October 31 AND May 1 to May 31 Restricted open burning from November 1 to April 30 is allowed only during burn days regulated by Umatilla County. Click for Current Umatilla County Burn Information

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Fire @ 394 Gladys (June 29, 2003) 007


Q: When is Burning Season? A: Burning season dates can be found here. Q: What is the purpose of the new burn policy ? A: The purpose of the new burn policy is to prohibit fires that emit smoke that create a nuisance or are hazardous to our health. Q: What can I burn? A: …

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Bohm cartoon

Open Burning

Short video of our Fire Marshal, Tom Bohm, explaining the procedures to burn debris.

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